This is most based on negotiation because there are some factors that influence charges and these factors are type of event, duration of event, location and venue of event, time and date of event etc. but I promise my charges won’t make you break the bank.

What makes me a professional is my knowing that my service is needed by various demography of clients and I have over the years honed my skills to service excellently well whatever status, class or age group my clients per time falls. So, YES I can balance very well between the old and young.

Some of my videos are in the gallery page of this website. Kindly take a minute or two to go through the videos.

Yes. I have serviced clients across different states in Nigeria and outside Nigeria and I am very punctual too.

Excellently well. I have a couple of videos on the gallery page that shows me perform as a Comedian and an MC in different events as well as both in a single event.